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Is Helicopter return a good choice for Everest trekkers?

The Everest base camp trek is one of the most famous treks in the whole world. Many dream of being in the world’s highest peak base camp. Trekking to the Everest base camp with a helicopter option for getting back is the best for people who want the real deal of trekking but need more time to go through all the trouble. This journey starts with a challenging trek whereby trekkers first reach via the pleasant town of Lukla, then traverse through beautiful forests and reach the tough terrains of the Khumbu area. 

Trekkers have an opportunity to see such landmarks as Namche Bazaar, the Tengboche Monastery, and the Everest Base Camp, enjoy the distinctive traditional Sherpa taste, and take a lot of pictures with the background of the dramatic high-altitude peaks. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in Everest’s Sherpa culture. The return option of the tour saves several days of trekking, it is fast and comfortable, and it affords a bird’s eye view of the great Himalayas. 

The helicopter ride adds a level of thrilling memories and service that truly makes the trip unique, efficient, luxurious, and comfy towards the end of the Everest journey. Thus, it will be suitable for those with limited time who need to get back quickly or just those who prefer comfort when it comes to the last part of the trek.

Many reasons make the Everest base camp with helicopter return the best one. But we will discuss some of the top reasons:

1. Convenience and Time-Saving

Taking a helicopter back after the Everest trek is convenient and saves a lot of time. The normal descent from Everest Base Camp to Lukla may take a couple more days, and members may walk the same path and pass similar landmarks again. A helicopter return does not include these days ensuring that the trekkers reach and return from the destination in the shortest time possible. This option is most advantageous to those who have passive schedules or minimum time to go on vacations. Also, a helicopter return gives collective relief for the trekkers since the long and tiring process of trekking down the steep slopes may be avoided. 

2. Safety and Health Benefits 

A helicopter return can also be another safer means that trekkers on Mount Everest can opt to use. Some of these might be physically demanding largely due to altitude loss; trekkers can easily get tired and exposed to certain risk factors if they exhibit symptoms of altitude sickness. By taking a helicopter, trekkers can spare themselves the endeavour of the return trek, which causes many injuries and incidents related to altitude sickness. This is particularly relevant to those hikers who made extreme efforts during the hike to EBC. 

3. Cost Considerations 

Although the specific helicopter return may have its benefits, trekking back to Lukla is possible and much cheaper than a helicopter ride. Trekkers must consider costs arising from the expenditure on overall facilities, security, and saved time instead of the extra money charged. For the inexpensive trekkers, this may be a decisive reason they have to consider before going on with the next plan. However, some will prefer comfort and efficiency or need more time to cook; thus, the extra cost is worth it. 

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