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What to eat in summer – Top foods to clear heat and beautify the skin

Mùa hè ăn gì with the sultry heat often makes us feel uncomfortable and tired. There are many foods that are very good for cooling and beautifying the skin in the summer, which we can easily find in daily markets.. Okvip updated a few menus to help you better understand what is suitable for this summer.

Learn about what to eat in the summer to purify the body

In hot weather, if the body is not provided with enough water and necessary minerals, we can easily feel tired and dehydrated. When we change our daily routine, diet or exercise regimen, it can also affect the weather.

What to eat in the summer helps cool the body, increasing the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain coolness. Limit alcohol consumption and maintain a reasonable weight to increase resistance and fight common diseases during the hot season. Summer is a wonderful time of year with many fresh and healthy foods.

What to eat in summer to cool down

Every time summer comes, women wonder what to eat to cool down. The snacks we introduce to you below will help you answer what to eat in the summer without having to think.

Green bean sweet soup

Green bean sweet soup is a cooling summer food

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cool cup of green bean soup on hot summer days. Green beans are finely ground and have a nutty flavor, mixed with fatty coconut milk, combined with the crunchy taste of roasted peanuts and shredded coconut, which will definitely make your whole family enjoy it immediately.

Longan lotus sweet soup

One of the indispensable dishes to cool down in the summer that many families choose is longan lotus sweet soup. When enjoying this dessert, you will feel the moderately sweet taste of the longan juice, the crispy longan pulp and the nutty lotus seeds.

Besides its great taste, longan lotus tea also has many health benefits such as treating insomnia, sedation, reducing bloating, and beautifying the skin.

Tropical fruits

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy tropical fruits like mango, strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple. This is also a great opportunity for you to explore and enjoy delicious dishes from these nutritious fruits such as fruit pickles, fruit salad, fruit juice, oatmeal with fruit, or fruit panna cotta. tree.

On weekends, you can make your own delicious fruit salad or gather with friends at delicious fruit shops, there really is nothing better, right!

Foods that clear heat and cool the body

The hot summer has arrived, choosing what to eat to stay cool in the summer is important to maintain health and comfort. Below are a few suggestions for you to freely enjoy summer without worrying about the heat.

Cucumber helps cool the body in the hot summer sun
  • Cucumber: Has a cooling effect, can be eaten with hot foods, helping to create a pleasant feeling for your meal.
  • Jicama: Contains a lot of water, has a sweet taste but is low in sugar, eating jicama helps you feel refreshed. You can directly eat this dish raw or juice it or mix it with salad to cool down well.
  • Winter melon: A food that often appears in daily meals such as stewing bones, stir-frying with cool properties, very good for people tired of the heat, to clear heat. 
  • Fresh tea: Contains many vitamins, helps the body cool down extremely well. 
  • Tofu: Provides many nutrients, especially protein, but is still cool, so it is popular with many people. 
  • Mulberry fruit: Has cooling properties so it clears heat very well, providing a lot of vitamin C, iron and minerals.

Facial beauty foods are available in the summer

Maintain a varied diet, remember to drink enough water to keep your body refreshed and healthy. Let’s learn more about what to eat in the summer to better understand!

Foods that regenerate skin

Supplementing vitamin A will help improve skin and prevent aging. Vitamin A comes in two main forms: retinol, found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, and beta-carotene, found in red, orange, yellow fruits and green vegetables.

What to eat in the summer to help tighten and brighten your skin

Eating fish helps keep skin healthy and beautiful

Fish is a rich source of antioxidants, contains high-quality protein and provides essential fatty acids (EFA), which help keep cell membranes healthy. To have healthy, bright skin, cold-water fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna, 3 times a week, is indispensable in this menu. To firm your skin, you can eat walnuts, flax oil, soybean oil, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Foods that help remove wrinkles

Apricots and tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which helps protect the skin from sun damage. To effectively prevent aging, you can eat a bowl of berries every day or drink a pot of fresh tea.

In addition, grapes, blueberries, green tea, black tea, raspberries, strawberries, black cherries and red cabbage contain pycnogenol – a compound that destroys free radicals and helps reduce inflammation caused by sunlight. .

To protect your skin and prevent aging, you should also supplement vitamin E, found in vegetable oils and green leafy vegetables. Other antioxidant-rich foods include plums, peppers, beets, figs, raisins and parsley.


Hopefully the above suggestions for delicious summer dishes will give you many choices in your daily menu. Okvip wishes you a joyful and energetic summer!

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